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Our Mission:

Create and deliver real-world, practical, and useable Human Resources tools to any size business.

Helping businesses avoid reinventing the wheel for their HR functions.

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JVG Solutions, Inc. Raises the Bar when It Comes to Human Resources Products & Services for Businesses of Any Size

The right human resources tools for building your organization’s infrastructure. Whether you're looking for a Human Resources toolkit containing an employee handbook with the necessary policies and procedures, a sample performance appraisal form, a job description template, hiring and firing standards and guidelines, process steps for strategic and operational planning, examples of training guides, or a job aid with tips for effective communication in your HR role, JVG Solutions, Inc. has the right human resources tools for you. Do you need help ramping up a startup company? Are you planning to re-engineer or downsize? Are you faced with merging with or acquiring another organization? Or are you looking to grow and expand your business with new jobs? Look to JVG Solutions, Inc. to meet your human resources needs.

The right design for easy construction of critical business documents. JVG Solutions, Inc. designs and develops products, such as the HR toolkit, MyHRTools ™, with you in mind. We make sure that all of our HR products are practical, easy to use, and value-added. For example, MyHRTools ™ includes nearly 200 screens of HR processes, HR standards, HR guidelines, as well as over 100 easy-to-edit HR tools: HR forms, HR plans, HR manuals, HR job aids, and HR checklists with examples and instructions. This product supports a new startup business, existing businesses of any size, those new to the HR field, companies facing downsizing and lay-off’s, and organizations on the verge of major growth or re-engineering. We include an overview of the key HR roles most often found in any size businesses and organizations from all industries, including health care, construction, education, engineering, manufacturing, government, retail, professional services, and the like.

The right preparation for success.  While the role of Human Resources has expanded and is much more influential in organizations, you don't have to be an HR expert to use products from JVG Solutions, Inc. Our products educate and guide you in your HR career and let you develop your HR talents in establishing a predominant HR consulting presence within your company. We offer HR solutions for management, HR departments, HR professionals, HR novices and students in business or Human Resources, business owners and employees. We even include an overview of recommended HR consulting process steps and tools with each of our Human Resources products.

The right results for changing times and a changing economy.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting a new business, an HR manager in downsized company or an expanding organization, or a small business owner in an existing company faced with a changing economy, our HR products help you become the HR internal consultant that management and employees need, want, and expect. They can be customized or used as is, and can be purchased and downloaded from our website.

The right amount of “green building.” The professionals at JVG Solutions think like green builders. Our mission is to help you avoid reinventing the wheel. Our products let you accomplish more with less energy. Our products lead and guide you to build successful companies.

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